Tornado-Resistant Home Construction Options
The Options:

1. Tipi*
2.  Wood platform framing with special     
3.  Steel frame with special connectors
4.  Geodesic dome with high-wind package*
5.  Full log construction with special   
6. Sandwich of brick with reinforced  
concrete center*
7.  Rectangular reinforced concrete
8.  Reinforced concrete dome
9. "Safe room" per FEMA 320*
10. Earth lodge*

Tipi manufacturers can be found in ads in Native American - oriented magazines,   
newspapers, and mail-order catalogs.

4. Geodesic dome manufacturers put ads in housing-oriented magazines, and may   
have websites.

5. Log home companies can be located through magazines on log homes; ask   
manufacturer about connecting rods, and what's needed to secure roofs.

6."Pioneering Construction Ideas..." in Architectural Forum , January 1950, pp. 80-81,    
about rowlock brickwork with reinforced concrete filling. Recent research indicates   
more closely-spaced rebar is advisable.

9. FEMA 320 "Taking  Shelter From the Storm: Building a Safe Room for Your Home or
Small Business" (888) 565-3896

FEMA 342 "Building Performance Assessment Report: Oklahoma and Kansas    
Tornadoes of May 3, 1999 - Observations, Recommendations, and Technical   
Guidance" (800) 480-2520

10. Domical earth lodges were built (using log inner frame and shell) by several   
indigenous nations including Pawnee, Mandan, Hidatsa, and Arikara; and have as  
much as 3' of soil covering the exterior. A car-drop test will verify the specifications      
of the reinforced concrete inner shell needed for a modernized version of the earth