Would you like to build a tornado-resistant home, but are concerned about the extra
cost? That can be offset by using simpler structural designs.
I have many preliminary floor plans for single-family homes which do this. They range
from under 1,000 sq. ft. to 8,000 sq. ft. These plans are cost-efficient, versatile without
structural modifications, of Universal Design, have workshop space, and accessories of
my own invention.
I'd like to help you build one or more of these, whether you're a homebuyer or a
potential employer. We'll need help from a licensed architect or
Certified Building
Designer to finish the details and plans.
My building materials and systems are selected to give an optimum combination of
conservation of energy, conservation of matter, practicality, safety, attractiveness, low
monetary cost, natural hazard mitigation, Universal Design, and healthfulness for
Just remember this acronym:
If you're a small town looking to rebuild or relocate, or a developer thinking about a
new subdivision, I can help you here, too.
My approach creates a nested hierarchy of central places which have a 1:1
correspondence with all the right-sized groups society needs for healthful functioning.
These homes will have an appropriate price distribution for the region.
In suitable locations, there can be income opportunities from extraction of natural
resources from a hinterland.
I can help with sizes from 10 to just over 1,000 homes.
I have preliminary floor plans for two modest apartment buildings which can be used
here. There's a 1-story and a 2-story building.
Jean SmilingCoyote
B.A. cum laude Geography
California State University, Northridge
Figure 2-7 and Table 2-1 from FEMA 320, 4th Edition.